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EBMC 2024 - Abstract Submission

  • 1 Aug 2023
  • 30 May 2024



Abstract Preparation 

  • Prepare your abstract in Microsoft Word or plain text document
  • Have the names, institutions, and email addresses of all coauthors readily available
    • The abstract submitter is listed as the first author and presenting author. The primary author cannot be changed after submission.
    • Ensure that all authors who contributed to the work are included. Authors’ names should be entered as they would appear in the published abstract
    • Trainees should confirm with advisors that the authors’ names and author order are complete and correct. 
  • The option to submit a travel award application will be presented during the abstract submission process and is based on eligibility. 

  • Be certain your abstract includes all the necessary elements.
    • Abstract title
    • Introduction and Objective - Was the research question/objective stated clearly? The introduction should provide context to your reader, an introduction to your topic and its importance, and your study objective, question, or hypothesis, whichever is appropriate.
    • Materials and Methods - Was the approach/method for answering the question stated clearly and is it appropriate to the study? The materials and methods section should include brief, clear statements of the appropriate methods used to conduct the study. Keep this as straightforward as you can. If the methods were unusual or novel describe in slightly more detail.
    • Results - Were the results clearly stated and placed in their appropriate context? A summary of the most important results must be included. Key findings should be clear, concise, and explicit. Results should include supporting data. Lack of results with supporting data will lead to your abstract score being lowered for this section. Include appropriate statistics to support claims of significance.
    • Conclusion - Did the conclusion clearly communicate the take-home message from the study and did it relate to the study objective(s)?
    • Significance/Implication - Did the author effectively communicate the significance of the results? This section should also include the importance/significance of the findings, and directions for future work and next steps. This is your opportunity to describe the significance of your findings to science and/or the translation of your findings to progress in your field.
    • Funding Sources - if applicable, include a short sentence acknowledging the organizations/grants that funded the research


  • Abstract body should be a minimum of 250 characters and maximum of 3,000 characters, excluding spaces
  • Authors are not permitted to submit an abstract on previously published work unless the abstract represents further progression of the published research. 
  • Investigations involving animals reported in abstracts must have been conducted in accordance with the FASEB Statement of Principles for the use of Animals in Research and Education.
  • You may be first author or co-author of multiple abstracts provided that each submission represents distinct research.
  • Abstracts must be written in English.
  • SEBM, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline abstracts regarded as inappropriate.
  • Submitting an abstract does not register you for the conference. You must register for the conference to be able to present your abstract during the conference. See registration for more details.

By submitting the abstract, the author certifies that: 

  • Each author listed on the abstract must have contributed to the study; and each author consents to be listed in informational and promotional materials.
  • You may be first author or co-author of multiple abstracts provided that each submission represents distinct research.
  • Only approved abstracts will be scheduled for presentation and publication. SEBM, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline abstracts regarded as inappropriate. 

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